Steve J. Schmitt

Project Manager

Years in field: 14


Graduate, University of Illinois, 1980;
BS in Electrical Engineering

Related Experience:

R.L. Price Construction, Project Manager, 2018-present
General Electric, Project Manager, 1980-1998, 2010-2018
SJS Builders, Inc., President, 1998-2010


Steve Schmitt joined R.L. Price in 2018 after searching for a reputable firm that would allow him to continue growing in his construction project management career. Steve has experience in operating his own business and managing a variety of technical and non-technical projects. He began his journey into construction at the University of Illinois where he earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. From there, Steve worked his way up in the industry to become president of SJS Builders, Inc. in Roanoke and later served as the senior technical project manager at GE in Salem.
Steve is a past president and executive board member of the Roanoke Regional Home Builders Association. He also holds two US and European Union patents and the Edison Engineering award.  Steve enjoys woodworking and doing home improvement projects in his free time. He also loves golfing, fishing, and traveling.